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Inter School Drawing and Poster Painting Competition


This event sees an average 3500 to 4000 footfalls year after year. Students from various schools participate in this open event to give colour and shape to their imagination and thereby send out a message to the society that would in one way or the other evolve it towards the better. Posters are meant to carry messages and the import that they impart are meant to transform not just the viewer but the entire society nay Nation nay the whole world.

Myriad themes are embarked upon annually to divert the minds of young artists to think responsibly about the society that they live in. In that, these young intellectuals are able to depict their views about given topics on the canvas or the drawing sheet is in itself an Ode to education. Their thoughts and feelings are evoked and evinced in many other minds that concurrently view their works as the audience. In this way this event proves to be an ethical, moral and educational fair of a very high social kind. Can you imagine a few thousand views on the same topic? That is Vantage at its best!!