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Societies have been formed in the school to extend like minded children a simulated environment for them to pursue their extra as well as co-curricular activities. Teachers don the role of Mentors while the students become Members of such societies that exist to represent varied areas from across the gamut of spheres that exist in the real world. Activities conducted or carried out in the Societies or Clubs as many would be familiar with such programmes are aimed at delivering an experience as close to that in the real world when it comes to certain vocations or professions. Well, do we intend to make our children grow faster than they need to; No, we intend to preserve their childhoods, yet help them foster their knowledge and develop themselves in a way that they absorb the happenings in the real world in a well equipped and better manner. It is all about providing exposure to children more than what is present out of textbooks or the internet. It is about allowing them to get hands on experience of certain areas in life so that they slowly and steadily prepare themselves for the realities of the outside world and equip themselves to handle the pressures that will come through in a mature and able manner. Well, it is also not just about such serious stuff, it is also about having fun gaining knowledge, learning additional skills, exploring and researching etc.