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Rules and Regulations

  1. Every sudent must be present in the school premises ten minutes before school begins, to attend the daily prayer assembly.

  2. Students must be in school uniform, clean in their person,dress and belongings; otherwise they will be sent home.

  3. Absence, without prior permission, will be seriously viewed. Students so absent will not be allowed to enter the class-room without the Principal???s permission and without a written explanation in the Leave/ Absence Record by their parents/ guardians. Truancy must be checked by the parents. If any student remains absent from the school for more than five days continuously without permission, his/her name will be struck off the rolls. As a rule, he/she will not be re-admitted. If he/she is re-admitted, which will be totally at the discretion of the Principal, admission fee will be charged again.

  4. Students must be present on the re-opening day after the vacations,otherwise, they are liable to be fined to the extent of Rs. 5 per day.

  5. Students must be present in the school/ Sri Ma Stadium, Patlipada, on Independence Day / Republic Day. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students who remain absent. Also they will be fined Rs.200/-.

  6. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in studies, malpractice in the examination, dishonesty, disrespect and disobedience to the authorities and any other habit or activity/behaviour (whether inside or outside the school premises) considered by the Principal as unbecoming of a student, will attract the extreme penalty of dismissal.

  7. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. They should not come to school wearing or possessing valuable articles.

  8. Students suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend the classes/examinations.

  9. Any damage done by a student to school furniture, laboratory equipment or other articles shall be made good by parents / guardians. The decision of Principal, regarding the penalty, shall be final.

  10. Co-curricular activities, visits and excursions are compulsory for the students. Absence will not exempt them from payment of charges.

  11. Students should be careful not to throw any paper, fruit-rinds or pips etc. in the school premises except in the baskets or bins specially provided for this purpose. Littering in the school premises is a serious offence and is liable for punishment.

  12. Running, playing, fighting, shouting, skating, walking over the desks etc. in the school are bad manners, and are never allowed. The students indulging in these are liable for punishment/fine.

  13. When moving along the corridors, as also when changing classrooms, the pupils must walk in silence and in a single unbroken line. They should always keep to the left.

  14. Students are liable to be punished or fined individually/collectively at the discretion of the Principal for breach of school rules or indifference to classwork and homework.

  15. Students should not scribble anything in their notebooks, textbooks and desks. Such books are liable to be confiscated whereas damage done unto desks shall be penalised.

  16. Students should not bring to school anything other than the prescribed study-material, unless they are specifically told to do so. Such items will be confiscated and students will be penalised. Periodic checking ofschool bags will be carried out.

  17. Withdrawal from the school will disqualify the pupilsfrom any prize or award.

  18. Students of Stds. X and XII who do not submit their journals and other books on time will be fined Rs. 250/- per subject for practicals and evaluation.

  19. School students must not bring mobile or cellular phones, Ipods/ Music players or any other gadgets with them to the school. Students held for this offence will be fined Rs. 1000/-. Parents/Guardians

  20. For security reasons parents/guardians will strictly not be allowed to enter the school premises without the ID card issued for parents/guardians by the school. all parents/guardians are requested to kindly co-operate with the security personnel for the same and make register entries at the gate for every visit. Please note no one will be allowed to take children with them without presenting ID card. This is being done for the safety of all children. The same ID card can be used by parents/guardians for payment of fees on fee kiosk machine.

  21. Parents/Guardians should enforce discipline at home and ensure that their children / wards:

    (a) are regular and punctual in attending classes;

    (b) come to school in clean, well-pressed and proper uniform with the Hand Book and other necessary books and stationery;

    (c) do their home-work and prepare their lessons daily as per the Hand- Book.

    (d) take an active interest in the activities of the school.

  22. Parents/Guardiansshould ensure that their wards are present in the school on the National Festival Days.

  23. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to arrange private tuitions with school teachers(the teachers of this school are also not allowed to accept tuitions) without the written permission of the Principal. Also, the teacher cannot be tutors to the students of their own class.

  24. On a prescribed application form available in the school, requests for Leaving Certificate, Railway Concession, and permission to take tuitions, may be granted.

  25. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet the students or the class teachers during the school hours, without the prior permission of the Principal.

  26. Attention of Parents/Guardians is particularly invited to the fact that, if in spite of periodic reports, no tangible improvement is observed in their children/wards the school authorities will take action against such pupils asthey deem fit, which may include removal of the pupilsfrom the school.

  27. Parents/Guardians should address all communications to the Principal.

  28. Parents/Guardians may please note that they cannot dictate terms to the Management. The Management reserves the right to stipulate conditions on which it will admit or retain the students in the school.

  29. The school office maintains a record of the addresses of Parents/guardians. They are requested to promptly intimate the changes, if any, from time to time to up-date the record.

  30. Medical examination of the students will be done annually by school Doctor. Parents/Guardians should arrange for the immediate follow-up treatment when advised by the Doctor.

  31. Attention of Parents/Guardians is particularly invited to the fact that the school Management reservesthe right to alter or modify any or all of these rules, at any time, without prior notice.

  32. Any Parent/Guardian needing additional information or clarification about the school regulations is requested to contact the Principal with prior appointment.

  33. Parents???/Guardians??? co-operation in implementing these rules is necessary not only for the benefit of the student but also for the smooth working of the school.

  34. Parents/Guardians should regularly see and note the remarks in their wards' Hand Book and sign their reports. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to be kept out of the class, fined/sent home.


  35. A child must have completed 5 years of age on 31st May for admission to the First Standard. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent standards.

  36. Students seeking admission to the school for the first time should produce his/her birth certificate or other satisfactory proof of age issued by a Competent Authority.

  37. Students belonging to the Backward Classes, Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe should produce a certificate from the Competent Authority.

  38. Every student seeking admission to the school from other schools should produce the leaving certificate. If he /she comes from a school outside the State of Maharashtra the leaving certificate must be counter-signed by the Education Officer of the State in which the school is situated.

  39. Admission to the various classes will be governed by the school rules in force from time to time.


  40. Promotion to higher standard is decided strictly on merit and the conduct of the student in the school. The decision of the school authorities in matters of promotion will be final and no representation from parents/guardians will be entertained. Students absenting from any examination paper will not be re-examined. Students found copying or assisting others in copying shall be detained from appearing for remaining examinations. Their papers will not be valued.

  41. Evaluation will be done strictly on the basis of periodical oral tests, class tests, Unit tests, First Semester and Final Examinations, Home assignments and outfit, etc.

  42. Students who have not put in at least 75% of the attendance for each term are liable to be detained.

  43. Students failing twice in the same standard will be asked to leave the school.

  44. Re-examination of failed/detained students will be held only for Stds I to IV.

  45. If any representation is made regarding promotion, the student will be asked to leave the school.