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Environment and Gardening, Animals, Birds, Creatures Club

We all keep hearing the terms 'Environment', 'Pollution', 'Global Warming' etc. The environment per se is everything that makes up for our surroundings alongwith its various constituents and affects our ability to live on the planet???the air we breathe, the water that we drink, the water that covers most of the earth's surface, the plants, animals and other creatures or organisms around us, and much more in the ecosystem. Together with us humans, all this forms the web of life which is intricate as also coherent. Any change in one constituent causes a direct or inverse reaction upon the other; the effect is imminent no matter what the degree of control be. Climate change, its resultant change in temperatures will most definitely cause glacial melting and the outcome would be the oceans inundating large swathes of land masses. The effect may not be seen within seconds but it will most definitely come. Such phenomena and their lesser siblings like pollution, air quality or even tinier, within the precincts of our backyards, in the form of vegetable or flower gardens, soil studies etc. are fomented into the thinking patterns of our children so as to sensitise them with the nature and workings of our planet in a very succinct way. Life promotes life whereas destruction will promulgate ruin is the basic theory behind the workings of the world. Human activities, as humans form the dominant species on earth, have largely in many parts of the world, been detrimental to the overall functioning of the planet. There is a huge clamour about the condition of the environment in various forum across nations. This is because there is a heightened awareness about the conditions that prevail upon earth. It is the findings and considerations of the various groups that are involved in the study of the climate and the environment that we seek to expose the children to. This is done through visits, projects, quiz, drawing, poster painting, activities. Students are taken for visits to biogas plants, organic farms, nurseries etc. They also participate in interactive sessions on growing plants and trees, air and water pollution and its remedies. They are sensitised with matters relating to energy consumption after which they engage in surveying nearby localities and educate communities on the same. The society arranges quizzes, competitions etc.

Children are also shown films about a variety of species abounding the animal and avian kingdom. They are also shown films about the aquatic world. Trips to the Zoo is a mandatory one that helps children to come face to face with a variety of animals and study their biological as well as behavioural traits. Children are also taken for a Bird watching tour.